Monday, 28 September 2009

Second week completed, eight left!

Completed my second week of a ten week course then last Thursday, as the Level 2 course of Web Page Design continued.

A tougher week this week, following all the initial learning last week, this week was a lot more challenging, although the same does apply as before in that you are just making your way through a workbook, the challenge is trying to learn what you are actually doing, other than just reading a book and telling you what to do.

This week, from the off none of the awkwardness about starting a new class and meeting new people, that was all in the past after week 1, no it was a case of just getting on with as soon as you were in.

Anyway, what did I learn this week?

Well, this week it was all about Linking Pages, Linking exercises, and Image Maps, may not seem a lot but the exercises were fairly lengthy, and that's exactly what I want, as the more exercises there are, the better I'll remember how to do them without looking at a piece of paper.

Next week, it looks as though we're learning about Lists, Tables, and possibly Frames depending on how things progress during the night.

So, the second week is over, and already I'm finding it more than useful taking this course, which for anyone reading is for a City & Guilds Qualification.

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