Saturday, 14 November 2009

Nearly there!

After my disappointment last week thinking that I'd messed things up, as I was finding it quite tough, I had planned a real crack at the studies this Wednesday just gone.

However, what I hadn't bargained for was my laptop deciding it wasn't going to play ball with me on what I wanted to do - and when I opened up my files, it left me unable to edit the html code on the relevant pages - I still haven't found out what the issue was, but it left me feeling gutted that the time had been wasted.

So, off to work I went on Thursday thinking that my hopes were about to be dashed, but after work, I went straight to college, and delved in, and thankfully it allowed me to edit the codes that I was playing around with.

Although, my head was still banging against the brick wall, when things weren't going the way I wanted to, so with about an hour left on the night, I took myself for a quick break, got some air, had a drink (the non alcoholic kind, although I wanted some at the time believe me!), and had a brainwave.

So, I returned, and played around with the code a little more, and what do you know it all fell into place, the problem I was having earlier was that the links were just not working from the site we have had to create, which will shortly be uploaded to the internet.

Once this is completed, I'll add the address on here, just so you can see what the site is all about, but basically, it's a cattery website - I know, a strange one hey?

Anyway, I think I'm nearly there now, I just have to copy the codes to a few differnt pages, although I now know why I was finding it rather difficult on one aspect - I'd missed the part out about Cascading Style Sheets - which just goes to show, you need to ensure you have attention to detail!!!

So, I'll put another update up after Thursday night this week, which will be hopefully after I've handed the assignment in, and had it marked by the Lecturer.

Fingers crossed for me please!!!


Charlene said...

Good work! Looking forward to seeing it!

Lindsay said...

Congrats! I always love getting good assignment marks. How did the last one go?