Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Almost there!

Yes, believe it or not, I'm not far off going for the final assessment now in the course that I'm doing, which is the Web Page Design City & Guilds.

At last week's course on the Thursday night, it was full concentration, as I finished off the Animated Gifs exercise that I was stopped in my tracks doing whilst on the catch up night.

So, that done, I thought I'd actually finished, but was relieved to see another exercise to do, which is quite solid, and involves a lot of the attributes that I've been learning about throughout the course, but it's not quite in there just yet, and I did struggle trying this.

In fact it took me a large part of the night to get through, and still didn't get it completed, so it came home with me for some further research which I'm planning to do right after this blog is typed up!

Back on Thursday for Week 6 and this is the last one for 2 weeks, thanks to a break in term, so maybe, just maybe I can get to the end of the exercises, and plan for the final assessment1

Here's hoping hey!

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