Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A week off from College this week!

Well at college this week it was a bit of a rushed affair, as I could only stay for a couple of hours due to another engagement.

For the first part of the evening though, I eventually registered for the City & Guilds assessment so I can gain the qualification at the end of the course, as I’d previously not added that in, as I just wanted to gain an understanding of how web pages worked.

Now though, I have the Qualification to go with the course – if I pass the assessment that is – and that comes up shortly, as right now I’m doing the final piece of the course before the exam, and then it’s full swing into it!

Still working on an exercise right now, which is to compile a web page which contains links, and also frames, images, and general content – it all seems to be going okay, but it does get a little confusing with lots of these:
and lots of these
to contend with!

No college this week, as it’s half term, which for any US readers, is like recess for a week, so it’s a Thursday night in this week, but I’m planning to use it as a Study at home night again, so I can try to go through all the exercises I’ve previously done again, and get a bit quicker, but also try to get those attributes stuck in to my head!

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Charlene said...

Enjoy your "recess"! :-)